We can offer you an ERP-system adjusted to your needs which fulfills all requests no matter if it concerns calculation, buying-warehouse, time recording, controlling. These all are managed by one software.

  • data transfer from the delivering party by the means of automated interfaces
  • automated time schedule and price control
  • facilitated entry and calculation control
  • practical maintenance of suppliers general prices and basic data
  • control system for preferable use of warehouse supplies
  • passable course of information (from calculation until dispatch)
  • classified warehouse monitoring
  • supervision of ordered supplies
  • efficient commissioning and following of the fitting in of machine data
  • bar-code solutions
  • mobile phone and tablet solutions
  • optional web-system frontend

Thereby you keep all steps from the entry of the goods until the delivery of the goods under control. The software can be used for Windows but also for Linux and it is being continuosly tested for the both driving systems. An external access to the data is possible without problems by an intelligent optimization of the call up and modern locking algorythmes. Because of a 100% portion of our own development, we can adjust the expressions, the statistics and the masks to your special requests in a simple way. Based on our continuing research and development activities in cooperation with practical persons and research instituions you will take advantage of the innovative solution approaches and new tdechnologies.

Take advantage of a feasable, individual software solution. This ERP – system offers to you all advantages of a standard software combined with an individuall adjustable basic system. This way you can optimally rationalize your files by he use of EDP and consequently raise your productivity in management and  preparation of work.

By intensive focusing of our work on the good structured technique and the open cooperation with our partner we have created an environment which enables interface projects in an quick and simple way. This way almost any data source you choose can be opened and it is also designed for structured preparation of data for foreign systems. This way also proven systems in the enterprise may be seamlessly fit into the new system.

LM-Logistic GmbH disposes of logistic solutions specific for various branches and specifically designed IT- solutions which cover all needs of the clients.

The IT-services programmed by experts from the IT – division in order to support the specific logistic processes, and therefore are our IT-systems always comply with the newest classes of the technique.